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The Monsoon is here, and for those adventure enthusiasts out there, we know that the rainy season makes for larger, better, grander adventures than otherwise. While the rest of the world may curl up at home, in front of the TV sipping hot tea, we’re more likely to be outdoors – riding, hiking, trekking, travelling and generally doing our own thing!

We all know how inflicting rain gods can be in India and if we are not prepared for the deluge, our adventure can quickly turn from being fun to being a punishing ordeal. We believe it is imperative to take extra care of two important things around in the rains: Electronic devices, and yes, your clothing. That you need to protect your electronic devices from moisture is obvious, but don’t underestimate how miserable you can get if your socks and undergarments get wet either!

At OTG, we know the passion and excitement monsoon generates in us, so we’ve put together a unique monsoon collection for all adventure enthusiasts. Featured here are the must-have items from our Monsoon Collection, products that we promise will take your monsoon adventures from ‘great’ to ‘awesome’.

AQUAPAC Whanganui Cases

AQUAPAC makes some great waterproofing products. At the foremost this monsoon are the AQUAPAC Whanganui cases for all types and sizes of electronic equipment. Pick a suitable size for your device (from micro to large) and use it comfortably in the rain. The cases are guaranteed waterproof to the International Standard IPX8. This means that these are designed to not just keep out the rain but also to be submersible up to 15FT/5M under water for 30 minutes, while at the same time providing a good degree of touchscreen responsiveness through the plastic.

OTG Monsoon Gear Blog-02

MUC-OFF Screen Cleaning Kit

Despite case protection, electronic devices can get wet, especially when you finally take them out in the open. Moreover, moisture tends to get built up inside the case, due to the highlevels of humidity in the air. Screens turn streaky and unresponsive to touch with moisture, and can get scratches when you try to rub them clean. No more! Try MUC-OFF screen cleaning kit. It comes with its own microfiber cloth that is specially designed for cleaning those delicate finishing on screens. MUC-Off products are internationally revered for their ability to clean dirt, grime, fingertips and oily residue. Now try it on your electronic devices.

Pro Tip: Throw in a moisture absorbent sachet into your case. You can easily buy these or sometimes even get them when you buy branded shoes or winter clothing.

OTG Monsoon Gear Blog-03


Dry Bags from AQUAPAC come in wide ranging sizes from 2-70 litres and are an excellent option for monsoon. These come in many colours, making it easy to colour code your stuff. Divide up your clothes or essentials into sets/categories and place them in bags for easy access. Imagine that you’re camping and you only need to retrieve a phone charger. Now it would be literally a nightmare to access the tiny thing that has slipped at the bottom of a large knapsack inside a tent. It is much easier to access stuff kept in colour coded smaller bags. They also have some brilliant innovations in design – like having handles at both ends so you can grab and pull, however you’ve placed them originally. These Drybags have international waterproofing standard of IPX6, which indicates that these bags protect against heavy seas / temporary flooding. These are great for heavy rains, but are not submersible.

OTG Monsoon Gear Blog-04

And now for what you should be wearing..

MOTOTECH Hurricane Rain Jacket

This Mototech Jacket has the admirable advantage of not just being backed by Mototech’s high-quality production values, but also being designed in wonderfully lightweight and compact manner. Any trekker or biker knows the pain of having to pack heavy rain gear with them that they’ve to lug all over the place. Mototech solves the problem, and also throws in a few nice touches of their own, like making the drawstring cords high-viz, fully taped seams and having Velcro and flaps in the front instead of zippers (zippers tend to let water and wind in, and over time, they do tend to stick a little). The fabric used for the jacket is super tough and durable making it a must have for your monsoon rides or hikes.

OTG Monsoon Gear Blog-05

QUIPCO Flash Hi Viz Suspenders

Quipco is a popular brand among the outdoors community for their stylish, yet functional products. This product from the Quipco stable stands out as a monsoon must-have. When it’s raining, water running of windshields and visors obscure vision to such an extent that there is real danger on the roads. These high-viz suspenders have a universal size and are wearable on anything you have worn which allows people to see you on the road from a distance. A great investment in your safety whether you are riding a bike or cycling or simply walking along.

OTG Monsoon Gear Blog-06

BONUS: AQUAPAC Puncture Patches

No list of monsoon gear is complete without mentioning these great little puncture patches, again from the house of Aquapac. These small patches seal off tears, rips and holes in almost anything – jackets, aquapacs, bags, tents, rainwear, seams of clothing and much else. Their utility is tremendous since they prevent leaks and stop rips and tears from spreading. Carry a set with you for emergency use anywhere.

OTG Monsoon Gear Blog-07

There’s a lot more stuff at our store that you might find useful during the monsoon. These are only our top-of-the-draw picks. Why don’t you head here and check out what else you would use during this rainy season?


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