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Meet Rishad Bhumgara – Guest OTG Blogger

Outdoor Travel Gear’s relationship with Rishad Bhumgara goes a long way…

Like really really long – even before the idea of Outdoor Travel Gear had taken shape in the brains of Jitesh Haria! Rishad has been a dear friend of Jitesh and Sagar Haria ever since the three were school going kids and they literally grew up together playing in their colony!

Those who know Rishad will swear that he is a hardcore long distance rider and a complete mad hatter at it! Recently, he successfully completed a solo ride from Mumbai to Myanmar and back; on his 30 years old Yezdi! And then he went on to swap his 30 year old 2 stroker with a 50 year old 2 stroker. We can safely foresee another epic ride in the making!

Rishad has been at Outdoor Travel Gear stores countless number of times and has been one of our early and long-standing customers. We invited him to be a guest blogger at OutdoorTravelGear.com’s blog and given a dear friend that he is, he obliged to share his views on his long association with us.

We thank Rishad for this wonderful gesture!

Rishad speaks:

“My association with Outdoor Travel Gear began before the brand itself was born. To me Outdoor Travel Gear isn’t a shop. It isn’t an eCommerce portal to buy adventure gear from.

Jitesh and Sagar lived and still live just 5 buildings away. We grew up falling down, bleeding, pulling each other’s legs, struggling through tuition and school and college (the last was a REAL struggle!!!). We grew up never knowing I’d ride a bike or that these pedigree gujju boys will turn entrepreneurs and in turn a source of amazing equipment for me and everyone. They began filling a gap. A gap that existed in India for a long time for the adventure junkie in us all. The gap of good, well reputed, high quality equipment.


Rishad Bhumgara - 2 stroke traveller - Mumbai Myanmar Mumbai - Yezdi – Outdoor Travel Gear - 1

They furthered their interests and those of other Indian manufacturers by becoming dealers for brands like Cramster, Dirtsack, Rynox and a few more. They brought these Indian made, world class products to our doorstep. Especially mine, since their first shop was 2 buildings behind mine. They started small, but strong and they were sure they’re in it for long.

Riding caught my fancy only after the Yezdi did. Trips in and around Mumbai were unparalleled adventures for me 8 years back. But they were also a major source of concern for my folks and Delzeen; my childhood sweetheart then, my wife and partner in crime now!


Rishad Bhumgara - 2 stroke traveller - Mumbai Myanmar Mumbai - Yezdi – Outdoor Travel Gear - 2

I’ve bought more from Outdoor Travel Gear than I actually remember. Lost a few, tore a few, broke some more, but each lasted their time and benefited me more ways that I would actually know.

My few major purchases have been expensive yet protective. Bulky yet light and most importantly put my loved ones at ease, that I’m as protected as can be.

My Cramster Jacket has been thru roughly and a minimum of 35,000km.

Returning from Bhutan, Near Nagpur, 900km from home I hit a stray dog. My jeans ripped and left my knees bleeding. But my Cramster jacket still shows the wounds I was spared. The Cramster Tundra gloves perished on that fall and I rode home with only a bloody knee. That one purchase saved me a lot of friction burns and unwarranted pain. Needless to say I replaced the gloves!!!!!

The Cramster Tank bag has been thru equal distances, held spares, towels, blankets and clothes and been a constant source of easy riding on small and big rides.

Over the course of 5-6 years I have harnessed down 100’s of kilos of riding essential with the Masterlock bungees, spider nets and ratchet systems. Some have perished mid ride, some still hang on for dear life and a few yet lie untouched; awaiting their turn to serve me, on my at times, absurd routes.

Other knickknacks I have bought in numbers I can’t remember but, Bear Grylls’ survival kit is yet untouched, and I intend to keep it that way. The LED lights hanging from the roof of my tent, or the Gerber hacking open a can of tuna for dinner or slicing immaculately through my bikes copper wires surely makes life easier on the road.

Certainly these products are built on years of the manufacturers experience and Outdoor Travel Gear is but only a store selling stuff. It’s almost all available online on theirs and other eCommerce sites, but I will have none of that. I still religiously visit their Bandra outlet before rides and just snoop around. Ask them questions, over and over again till I’m satisfied I’m buying the right thing. It’s their job to help and deliver and take onus of product quality. They have used most of the stuff, know their pros and would never hesitate to reveal their cons. They leave the decision making to you. But provide the much needed information to make a well informed purchase.


Rishad Bhumgara - 2 stroke traveller - Mumbai Myanmar Mumbai - Yezdi – Outdoor Travel Gear - 3

They aren’t your typical store after sales numbers and profits at any cost. They care and will understand that you embark to hostile terrains finding comfort in their products and that responsibility they uphold to the very best of their capabilities.”


Rishad’s blog – www.2stroketraveller.com

Rishad’s FB page – @2 stroke traveller

Rishad’s Instagram – @2_stroke_traveller






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