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Keep Your Stuff Dry With Aquapac Waterproof Bags and Cases

It’s not only your skin and hair that need care during the messy monsoon but so do your backpacks. Commuting in the rain can cause a mess of you and your bag. Not to forget the accessories and your vital electronic gadgets that cost you a fortune. Most of the time we buy the wrong backpack and spend a small fortune and most of these backpacks don’t even survive the rains.

Aquapac not only protects your gear against water but other elements like dust and sand and moisture. Aquapac products are made from 100% PVC-free material, mostly plastics which make them rustproof and surprisingly lightweight. These materials include TPU, ABS, nylon and polypropylene which are light and easily accessible.


Aquapac gives us a fully-featured backpack which comes in 15L, 25L and 35L capacity and is ideal to commute, trek, camp or tour anywhere. The backpack also comes with an external mesh pocket to hold a 2L water bottle.

The bag is large enough to cart your laptop, camera, a small meal and a pair of clothes. The bag’s inbuilt partition allows one to store wet and dry clothing separately, hence the name Wet & Dry. Each strap of the bag comes with a lash tab which can be easily anchored almost anywhere. Aquapac supplies tested products which meet international waterproofing standards of up to 5metres under water. With a five year guarantee exclusive to animal attacks the bags can function at temperatures down to -40C.

Some additional features which no other bag except Aquapac offers, are as follows:
• Key pocket: The backpack comes with a key pocket so that you don’t have to dig inside the pack.
• Internal pockets in yellow: This helps to see the bottom of the bag easily.
• Reflective logo print: This helps you to be seen at night with reflective ink
• TPU-coated fabric with taped seams: Keep it in the rain for days and water won’t seep in through the seams
• Roll-seal: The roll seal is fantastically designed and can provide quick access to your belongings with ease, preventing water seepage.
• Removable back support/seat: This back support is removable and when wet can be dried and installed back without a struggle. Also the back support can be used to sit on anywhere in the wilderness.
• Sternum and waist straps: When you’re on the move the backpack securely remains in place. Moreover the waist straps can be removed if you don’t need them.
• External mesh-pockets: These pockets can be used to keep anything that’s the size of a bottle.
• Integral light-lash: you can add a light to your back which could come handy.

Now that we have found a solution for your bag and equipment, what about your mobile phone? It might stay safe in the backpack, but it would be a pain to halt and undo your bag to attend phones calls, take pictures etc. Aquapac also manufactures cases for handheld devices that prove to be lifesavers.


The Aquapac mini and large cases are named after the Whanganui River in the North Island of New Zealand. They can be used to store mobile phones, Ipads, tablets, first aid and other travel essentials. These cases are ideal to protect your phone from dust, sand and water, moisture.

With these cases you won’t hesitate to remove your costly smartphone in the middle of a river jiggling to balance with butter fingers. You can simply slide your phone in one of these cases and use it without worrying about the weather. The Aquapac Mini Whanganui can fit your iPhone, blackberries, android phones and even your small gps units.

Besides the mini Aquapac also builds large Whanganui which offers more room to store and completely submersible. The case comes with an adjustable shoulder strap or which can be worn around your neck for added safety. The high frequency welded seams makes the case floats on water if you happen to drop. Whanganui are made from Polyurethane (PU) – 100% recyclable, thinner. This material stays flexible when it’s chilly, easier to operate equipment inside the cases. The clear material allows you to see everything that’s inside. The Aquapac comes along with ‘aquaclip’ which holds the bag together. It also consists of a spring loaded slider in the centre to adjust the length of the space available to put your stuff.

So there it is then. Equip yourself with the Aquapac waterproof backpack and phone case, and step out there with the confidence that your stuff is going to stay completely dry.

To see the complete range of Aquapac products available with Outdoor Travel Gear, visit

If you’ve used Aquapac products,we’d love to know your experience, in the comments below. Also, don’t hesitate to write in with your questions or enquiries.

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Base Layers and Why You Need Them

Base layers are basically the first (next-to-skin) layer of performance based apparel layering system, the primary role of which is temperature regulation and sweat management.

Very simply put, base layers are those t-shirts that we see cricketers, cyclists, adventure sports enthusiasts and swimmers wearing. And here we see why even you should start wearing one.

It all started off half a century ago, when wool dominated as the primary choice of fabric for base layers. With the advancement in technology wool has become second priority, and has given way to the invention of synthetic base layers. These are far more comfortable and advanced.

Our human body, in spite of being waterproof, fails to possess other qualities like moisture wicking, temperature regulation or muscle compression in extreme conditions. All these drawbacks are fulfilled with the help of a simple coat- the base layer.

A base layer is an undergarment worn by individuals/athletes as the first layer of cover over their skin. They rely on the basic fundamentals of temperature and moisture control, which are closely interrelated. Base layers also reduce odor and provide muscle compression. They are often made of synthetic material like spandex, polypropylene, wool, nylon, bamboo or a mix. Base layers are also available in cotton but today’s generation prefers synthetic.

Benefits of Base Layers:

  • Regulates Temperature
  • Compresses target muscles
  • Moisture wicking
  • Reduce muscle strain and fatigue
  • Reduces odor

Base layers are worn worldwide by athletes in the fields of cricket, cycling, skiing, walking, football, mountain climbing, trekking and many more. If you’re thinking they can only be worn in certain weather conditions then you are flawed. Base layers can be worn in summers, winters, during training rides, races; basically they are fit for any type and duration of athletic activity. They are made for every occasion providing luxury where the human body fails to sustain.

It’s important to decide your color wisely as some of them can drain their color and make you feel hot. Base layers are thinner and delicate and hence tumble dry would be a harsh choice. It is recommended to use soap water and softener as they do not cause harm. Base layers have unquestionably boosted the world of sports providing enhanced performance, lighter weight and odour reduction.

How to choose a base layer:

One should buy a base layer according to one’s needs. Ask yourself…

Why do you need a base layer?

What kind of activity will you be involved in?

If you are game for a fast and sweaty activity, it is advisable to opt for synthetic. If you will be engaged in activities like trekking or mountain climbing natural material, like cotton, will be preferred.

Other questions to ask:

i.            Should I go for a vented or a zipped base layer?

ii.            How quickly do I need it to dry?

iii.            Does it reduce odour?

The questions may vary according to your needs

Why base layers make sense for any sport?

Base layers are specially crafted to the extent where their performance is above and beyond that of normal clothes.

Instead of wearing several layers to protect yourself from cold, a base layer works best along with other garments.

Base layers can’t stop you from sweating, but with a base layer the sweat can be absorbed and evaporated faster, increasing your comfort level. Some base layers are made with antibacterial technology that helps to reduce the odor.

Tight fitting base layers provide your muscles with compression, temperature control and also reduce fatigue, which no outfit would provide. Due to the above qualities base layers can be worn as an undergarment in any sport.

What makes Knox dry inside special from other brands?

I.      Knox dry inside is available in short as well as long sleeves

II.      It is cheaper and far better than other brands

III.      Looks good and last longer

IV.      Odor resistant and antibacterial

V.      Distributes perspiration over a larger area when exported outside offering a cooling effect.

VI.      Provides adequate ventilation and ensures wear-comfort which you can see and feel.

VII.      Machine washable.

VIII.      Helps maintain stable temperature weather it’s sweltering or chilly outside.

IX.      Advanced Moisture Management System

X.      Enables the skin to breathe

XI.      Technical Layering System

XII.      Cotton eliminates skin burns

XIII.      3XDRY® feelgood-technology lets your body breathe and feel dry-all-round

Read more about Knox Dry Inside on their official website at

Knox Dry Inside is available at our stores Mumbai, Goa and Guwahati and online at at

The Difference Between Genuine and Local Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are today probably one of the most widely used accessory across various adventure sports to secure objects without tying knots and to absorb shock. Be it trekking, mountaineering, cycling or motorcycling; you are sure to find at least one application for which bungee cords are perfect. The problem is, over the past few years, we have heard a few of our customers complaining about the quality of bungee cords that they had purchased locally from general utility stores. According to them, simply put, the bungee cords that they bought from local market were cheap but unreliable. Some of them would last for years, whereas others would snap during the first use. And when you are securing luggage with a bungee cord, you really need to be a 100% sure that the bungee isn’t going to decide to snap when you are busy doing what you love out there. Well, the reason why local bungee cords are unreliable for use in adventure sports is simple, the method of construction. Local bungees are made using inferior material and design. While they can still be used as clotheslines at home, they are not at all the right choice for securing luggage. To make the difference clearer, we decided to split open both the type of cords and show you their insides. Genuine bungee cord (purpose built for securing luggage) genuine 1 Local bungee cord (not meant for adventure sports) duplicate 2 CORE In this paricular genuine bungee, you’ll notice that the inside of the bungee, called the core, is constructed of multiple elastic strands (120 individual strands to be exact, we counted), which are tightly held together by an interwoven sheath that’s made from a material called polypropylene. On the other hand, in the local bungee, you’ll see that the core is made of only 5 rubber bands, which are loosely held together inside the sheath. SHEATH Now notice the two sheaths. At the time of taking these photographs, both the bungees were cut in an identical manner. On the genuine bungee, there was hardly any disintegration of the sheath, whereas on the local bungee, the sheath disintegrated almost a whole centimeter immediately after being cut open. SIMPLE MATH As we saw before, there are 120 strands in the genuine bungee v/s the puny 5 in the local bungee. Which means, when 1 of the bands inside the local bungee breaks its strength goes down by 20%; whereas on the genuine bungee 24 strands will have to break for its strength to come down by 20%! Simply put, this is the reason why the genuine bungees can withstand higher degrees of wear and tear and are more reliable. RANGE OF CHOICE Because genuine bungees are purpose built, they are available in a wide range of lengths, strengths, widths and securing and locking mechanisms. Because of this, you have the liberty of choosing the bungee that best suits the application for which you want it. To take a closer look at the wide range of bungee cords available with us, click on the link: As you know, all our products are available for purchase on line or in one of our stores at Mumbai, Goa or Guwahati. If you’ve had a similar experience regarding bungee cords during your travels, we’d love to know about it in the comments below. And remember, be safe out there!

Berghaus Remote 25 Backpack- Review and Features

Outdoor Travel Gear was conceived by Jitesh Haria 10 years ago when the adventure travel industry in India was in its nascent stage. Slowly, his vision of a one-stop-shop destination for adventure, outdoors, cycling and motorcycling equipment and accessories has taken shape with the assistance of likeminded cousins.

All of us were and are even today, avid travelers. Jitesh is a trekking junkie, brought up by jungle trails and beaten down roads. His first cousin Dipesh is a nomad and doesn’t limit himself to any specific mode of transport. Tushar, from our B2B team, is a motor-head and doesn’t miss an opportunity to zoom out of the city into the back-country on his motorcycle. Then there is the go-green bloke, Mario, Store Manager at our Mumbai store, who has a thing for exploring a new trail.

Outdoor Travel Gear was started by this bunch, as a one-stop-shop for adventure and outdoor equipment and accessories, which were or are not otherwise available in India. As travellers ourselves, we understand the importance of good gear and how it helps in optimizing the sport. Even today we operate with the same philosophy.

As such, we have great affinity to other brands that are the brainchild of fellow travelers. Because we understand what must have gone through their minds when they started off, as we did 10 years ago.

Berghaus Limited, from Sunderland, UK is an outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer. Berghaus is a literal translation of ‘mountain house’ in German. The company is based in the North East of England but distributes worldwide. It was founded in 1966 by climbers and mountaineers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison, initially as an importer and distributor of outdoors products.

It all began when Lockey and Davison, frustrated by what they saw as a lack of decent outdoor gear, decided to import and sell their own.

Even today, Berghaus has a reputation for making the very best in high-performance outdoor products.

Berghaus has an in-house new design and development team called ‘MtnHaus’. The MtnHaus team works with athletes to produce kits for specific challenges, with extended design, development and testing periods.

When Berghaus released the “Remote” backpack, it seems they must have had a similar “specific challenge” in front of them, and they have certainly solved it gloriously. The Remote backpack is the perfect must-have backpack for the city dwelling adventurer; whether you are a trekker, a photographer, a motorcyclist, a bird watcher or a cyclist.

Berghaus remote lets you switch modes with ease from work to play to travel. It’ll literally end up becoming your primary backpack through the week.

The backpack weighs just 700 gms and can carry up to 25 ltrs in volume, which says a lot about the strength and durability of the material and the build quality of the bag.

The Remote 25 features the patented “Active-Link” system from Berghaus, on the shoulder straps, that basically lets you get an improved and more customized fit on your back. The first time you put on the Remote 25 on your shoulders, you’ll immediately notice the difference. The Remote 25 also has padded back cushions with air mesh. These, along with the “Active-Link” feature let you adjust the height and width of the back straps to fit you perfectly, thus ensuring better comfort.

With the Remote 25, you don’t have to leave anything behind. There’s a pouch or a pocket for everything; zipped internal pockets, padded laptop sleeve, internal organiser and even a pouch on the straps.

Let’s start with the large mesh pouch on the very front of the Remote 25 and the double layer mesh pockets on either side. All three have elasticated closures, making it ideal to stow away things on the go; from wet socks to quick snacks. Then, you reach the zippered front pocket, and immediately see how well organized it is. Berghaus have made it very simple to store stationery and small accessories in and still have some space left for something more.

When you open the main compartment, you see two sections. There’s an elasticated and padded sleeve and a space big enough to pack for a 3 day trip. The sleeve primarily functions as a laptop sleeve or an mp3 player pouch. However, on days when you take the Remote 25 out of the city, this same sleeve can double up as a hydration reservoir pocket. The padding on the sleeve will also provide some degree of insulation to the water.

The list of the features of Berghaus Remote 25 goes on:

  • Walking-pole attachment
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Grab handle on top
  • Height adjustable and removable sternum strap
  • Side compression straps
  • Handy key clip
  • Tuck-away hip belt with mesh pouches

As you can see, the Remote 25 is versatile enough to carry your kit for work, the gym, or a trek into the outdoors, and yet slim enough not to get in your way while you go.

Berghaus Remote 25 is available with Outdoor Travel Gear at and also in our stores at Mumbai, Goa and Guwahati.

If you have used the Remote 25 before or end up buying it from us, we’d like to know what you think. Share your experience with us in the comments below or in the comments section on the product page on our site.

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Knox Cross Max Bionic Knee Guards- A Review

Detailed. If there is one word that can best describe the Cross Max Bionic Knee Guards from the house of Knox Armour, then that word is ‘detailed’.

Whether it is the neatly articulated knee joint, the placement of the Velcro straps, the individually moulded shin section for the right and the left leg, or the shaping and placement of the sweat wicking towelling; everything is done with the utmost attention to detail and application.

The Knox Cross Max is a full length CE approved knee and shin protector, designed for motorcyclists and cyclists both; and professional athletes, from enduro rally riders (motorcycle) to MTB mountain bikers (cycle) have field tested them.

For the uninitiated reader, Knox is a British brand established in 1981. It was Knox who made the world’s first commercially available armoured back protector, and it is Knox who leads the innovation in motorcycle armour even today. So it can be safely assumed that they know what they are talking about.

Knox has recently launched a new website to fit the company ethos of technical innovation. This new facility consolidates the group’s brands – Knox Body Armour, Hand Armour, Cold Killers, Dry Inside and Knox Original Equipment – in one modern site, Go visit.

Before going any further, let’s delve a little into the meaning of the word ‘bionic’. That’s the key word here and basically what differentiates the Knox Cross Max from other knee guards.

‘Bionics’ is the study of mechanical systems that function like living organisms or by becoming integral parts of living organisms.

So what does the term ‘Bionic Knee Guards’ or ‘Bionic Armour’ mean? In this context, the word Bionic relates to that type of armour which is built to move and shift naturally along with the body part on which it is worn.

The Knox Cross Max Knee Guards do not hamper the movement of the knee or the leg in any way. In fact you can even sit down cross legged on the ground wearing them. The knee guards are designed with the intention that you should not be conscious of them after putting them on, but rather forget about them and concentrate on your sport, with the knowledge that the Knox Cross Max, with their “Original British Innovation” will protect you from impact and abrasion if the time comes.

The most important feature for a bionic knee guard is the knee joint. This is where the two individual parts of the knee guard come together and the way that this coupling is taken care of is basically what decides whether the knee guard is truly bionic or not.

On the Knox Cross Max, the knee joint is done beautifully. The joint is articulated in such a way that natural leg movement is not hampered even during rigorous activity.

Standing up, when they are not bent, it can be noticed that Knox Cross Max forms an almost straight line along the front, with no sharp edges jutting out anywhere. This is a very important point. This means that in case of a crash Cross Max will not get stuck on anything that might come in the way.

When you hold a pair of Knox Cross Max in your hands, it instantly becomes apparent which one’s for the left leg and which one’s for the right. That’s because the shin protector on the Cross Max is individually moulded for the right and left leg giving a more comfortable and secure fit. The shin protector on the Cross Max is longer than on other knee guards, giving the rider better protection.

The Knox Cross Max is designed so that it can be worn either internally, directly touching the skin; or externally, over the rider’s pants. If you are going to be wearing them under the pants, make sure the pants are at least a little baggy. Flex your knees and waist in all possible directions after wearing the pants over the guards and before stepping out, to make sure that it doesn’t get unnecessarily tight and uncomfortable.

The Knox Cross Max is secured with the help of three well placed and elasticated Velcro straps. The Velcro straps have soft sweat wicking material on the side where they come in contact with the skin, making sure that when the Cross Max is worn internally, the straps don’t start chafing against the skin.

However (and this probably the only negative point on the Knox Cross Max), the uppermost Velcro strap could probably have been a bit longer, to avoid it from curling up and getting stuck in the bottom of your cycling shorts or the material of your riding pants. If not that, there could have been a ‘tuck-away’ feature for the end of the Velcro strap, to secure it properly. This is just a very small point though and pales in comparison to the overall supremacy of the Knox Cross Max in other aspects.

A very important part of impact protection is ‘impact absorption’. If the force of the impact continues to travel from the outer shell of the armour to the knee of the rider, the armour won’t be of much use to anyone. As such, on the Knox Cross Max, there is a layer in between the outer shell armour and the inner sweat wicking liner that absorbs the impact. The raised rib section flexes as pressure is added, distributing energy. Behind the outer shell is a layer of dense foam to act as a further shock absorber.

The inner layer of the Knox Cross Max is ribbed to aid air flow. The material of the soft towelling liner, as Knox calls it, is sweat wicking. Additionally, there are 3 ventilators each, on either flanks of the Cross Max. These three features together make sure that the rider doesn’t over heat and become irritable from all the sweat under the guards.

Overall, the Knox Cross Max Bionic Knee Guards are truly versatile and make sense for a wide variety of application environments, from the hardcore enduro rider to the daily city commuter.

For more details, visit the Knox Cross Max page on

The ’Cross’ range of the Knox knee guards also comes with 2 more variants, the Knox Cross Lite Knee Guards – MTB and Knox Cross Knee Guards also available with Outdoor Travel Gear.

If you have used a Knox product, we’d love to know your experience in the comments below.

You can also use the comments section for any questions regarding Knox and we will get back to you.

And yes, keep yourself safe out there.

An Introduction to Lazer Helmets- A Video Blog

This is our first Video Blog and it is up at

Its an introduction to the complete range of Lazer Helmets available with us and their features.

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The amazing Luci Lantern and why every traveler needs to own one (A Luci Lantern Review)


“Dear Luci,

Thanks for the constant company. And thanks for throwing light on dark situations. Travelling without you would have been tough indeed.


The Traveler.”


Once you’ve used the Luci lantern for even a single night, you can relate to this Traveler, who so eloquently praises the mighty Luci in his letter from the road. To quote from a cliche, “big things come in small packages”, and this small, inflatable, solar powered LED lantern-slash-task-light from the house of Mpowerd is the perfect example.

It is quite simply the most versatile, maddeningly simple and refreshingly practical accessory for a traveler since the Swiss knife was invented.

The Luci was originally developed as an affordable and reliable lighting solution for those parts of the world that lack the necessary infrastructure, and it is being extensively deployed in the right places for this purpose; for example, Africa. As a matter of fact, every time anybody buys a unit of Luci lantern, the manufacturers donate another unit to the people who need it but can’t buy it.

The features that its developers gave the Luci also make it the perfect must-have accessory for a traveler. It is as light as a feather, waterproof, bright, sturdily built and to top it all off, its inflatable.

Off the shelf, the Luci comes out of its box flat and if you haven’t seen a lit Luci before, it looks quite unimpressive. However, dummy-proof illustrated instructions on the back of the packaging that it comes in succinctly elaborate how to use the Luci. Open the air seal, blow into it a couple of times with your mouth, reseal it and the Luci is ready.

If you still are wondering whether the Luci is really that different from a torchlight or a head mounted lamp, well yes, it is quite different. And better. The torchlight or the headlamp might have the upper hand in one or two specific aspects, but the Luci is the seasoned all rounder and wins by a long mile. Let’s see…

Solar Powered: The Luci is solar powered. It has a small but efficient array of solar cells on the underside, which are chargeable not only in the Sunlight but also in incandescent light. This means that even the lazy traveler can still charge it inside their homes, under the white light of home lighting.

What happens if you charge it and then don’t use it for a while? Well, Luci’s inbuilt battery has a standby duration of 3 months, which means it’ll remain charged even through disuse of 3 months and still work as intended.

Three Modes of Operation: Like everything else about it, the three modes of Luci (dim, bright and emergency flashing) are simple but well thought out and perfectly executed. In the bright mode, and when placed properly, the light from the Luci sufficiently illuminates an area of almost 15 square feet.

When fully charged, the lantern can run for 12 hours in the dim mode and for 6 hours in the bright mode. The next morning, sling it from your backpack or keep it next to the window through the day and it’ll be fully charged long before evening.

Waterproof: Look at it this way, how can it not be waterproof? It’s an airtight plastic bag with solar cells and LEDs in it. When closed tight properly, the Luci is completely waterproof and will float on water. Though this probably doesn’t mean that the lantern is submersible under water for any length of time, it definitely means that you can use it in even heavy rains without a drop of worry.

Durable: Again, it’s a plastic bag with air in it, which means that unless your intended use involves somehow puncturing the Luci with a sharp object, the lantern will last you for a long time. It doesn’t require replacement of batteries, its non-polluting, can be stowed away practically anywhere and is virtually maintenance free. Durability doesn’t get much better than that.

Additionally, the Luci has 2 other clever features that further increase its ease of use.

There is a strip or a handle on either side of the lantern. This makes it very easy to hang it from anywhere or carry it in your hand, as required.

There is a translucent dark film on the top side of the lantern, letting the user stare directly into the lantern from the top without hurting the eyes.

In short, whether you are a camper, a wildlife photographer, a motorcyclist, a family traveler, a backpacker or a traveler of any shape, size or kind; the Luci lantern will be a worthwhile addition to your bag. Don’t leave home without it.

For a more detailed look into the technical specifications of Luci, visit

Oh yes, lastly, the Luci is a great conversation starter. When your friends see you taking it out of the bag, inflate it and switch it on, it is bound to spark off a series of curios questions that you’ll be only too happy to answer.

Need we say anything more?!

The Luci Lantern is available online at and at the Outdoor Travel Gear stores in Mumbai, Goa and Thane.

If you’ve used the Luci on your travels, we’d love to know your experience in the comments below.