Reviewed! Dragon Alliance MDX Moto Goggles

“The Dragon Alliance MDX goggles are roomy, ergonomically shaped, rugged and optically correct!”, says Aditya Phadke a seasoned rider, budding dirt racer and blogger at Motonomous.

Here’s his complete review!

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motonomous & co.

I took part in my first dirt race last year, in 2015. I’ve been adv touring since 2009, but by no means am I a pro motocross athlete. As far as dirt racing goes, I’ve just started out and have competed in only a few dirt-track races. I practice and compete on a dirt track because I believe it makes me a better dualsport rider, and I love off-roading and busting trails!

Motonomous Dragon Alliance MDX Moto Goggles - 2

The first few times I practiced on a dirt track, I was wearing my dualsport helmet (with a cowl, a protruding chin and a drop down visor). What happens is this, as soon as you take that first jump and land, there is dust and mud everywhere in the air and the visor becomes as good as opaque. On top of that, because you are moving around so much on your bike (standing, sitting, leaning), the helmet, however…

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Outdoor Travel Gear - Must Have Adventure Travel Apps - www.OutdoorTravelGear.com

Must Have Adventure Travel Apps

All the adventure enthusiasts out there know that when we pack for one of our adventures – whether it’s motorcycling, trekking, biking or backpacking, we pack with the utmost care. Electronics in waterproof bags, documents easily accessible, hydration within easy reach… these are the codes we live by.

But have you considered doing the same with your mobile phone or tablet?

What’s the code when it comes to those?

Most people have music apps and their photo apps ready to go, but what about the adventure apps?  It’s smart to download some apps that might come in useful in case of an emergency, or the apps that add a layer of convenience and ease. There are thousands of apps out there whose sole function is either to help you plan your adventures better, or to help you in case of an emergency – so why ever not have them handy?

Here’s our list of 5 must-have adventure apps.

Outdoor Travel Gear Must Have Adventure Travel Apps www.OutdoorTravelGear.com

1) SAS Survival Guide

The SAS Survival guide used to be a book – one that’s received many accolades over the years – that helped people survive in the wild. This book has now been converted to an app available on both iPhone and Android. What is it for? If you’re ever lost in the wild, this is the app to have. Most of the app is accessible offline (except for a few videos that you can also pre-download). It features almost everything – right from photo galleries of edible & poisonous plants, a morse code signaling device, survival tip videos, a sun compass and a comprehensive first aid section.  What’s more, the Lite Version is free!

Developer: http://www.sassurvivalguide.com
Android Download Lite: goo.gl/SxFrM2
Android Download Pro: goo.gl/cukqg3
iTunes Download: goo.gl/KnRtRZ

Outdoor Travel Gear - First Aid - American Red Cross - Must Have Adventure Travel Apps - www.OutdoorTravelGear.com

2) First Aid – American Red Cross

You’ll be surprised, but this app is free. It tells you everything you need to know about your specific First Aid situation with step-by-step instructions. The app has been developed by the Red Cross and is constantly updated, so the latest on medication is also available. This is another app that can be accessed offline, because all the content is preloaded.

Developer: http://www.redcross.org
Android Download Free: goo.gl/4BDXv
iTunes Download: goo.gl/STGD3u

3) Runtastic Altimeter and Compass ProOutdoor Travel Gear - Runtastic Altimeter and Compass Pro - Must Have Adventure Travel Apps - www.OutdoorTravelGear.com

This app is useful in many different ways, especially if you’re trekking or biking. It has an altimeter, allows you to search for GPS coordinates and even tells you the approximate times of the sunrise and sunset. It has a built in compass for navigation as well. One of the things we like the most about it though, is that it allows you to mark your own GPS coordinates on a map so you can track your route post your activity. Another big plus is the built in altitude tracker with photo feature. This can also be shared in one click. At Rs.100, this is definitely a bargain!

Developer: http://www.runtastic.com
Android Download Lite: goo.gl/zjLwC
Android Download Pro: goo.gl/JjqwN
iTunes Download: goo.gl/J56BTo

Outdoor Travel Gear - Google Translate - Must Have Adventure Travel Apps - www.OutdoorTravelGear.com

4) Google Translate

We know that in retrospect, this sounds like a no-brainer. And really, it is! Ninety languages translated on the go, language pack downloads for longer trips and a really simple interface. The best ever for reading those obscure signboards on a back-country road in the middle of nowhere!

Developer: support.google.com/translate
Android Download Free: goo.gl/7zKl0
iTunes Download: goo.gl/v4fz9u

5) Weather Pro

There are many weather apps out there, but this one is definitely our pick. At Rs.149, it is complete value Outdoor Travel Gear - Weather Pro - Must Have Adventure Travel Apps - www.OutdoorTravelGear.comfor money as it can predict the weather in over 2 million locations in the world! The reason we like it so much though, is that it has worldwide weather warning and alert systems in case of extreme weather. Another reason why this one wins over the others, is that this app isn’t just useful for immediate decision making, it’s ability to predict the weather locally for a week, allows you to plan that much ahead. So now you can make your plans without fear of the weather interfering with them.

Developer: http://www.weatherpro.eu
Android Download Lite: goo.gl/B3oJH6
Android Download Pro: goo.gl/jlRCv
iTunes Download: goo.gl/oxw7Pu

Another app category without which this list won’t be over is maps. Maps haven’t made it to our top 5 because your phone will have a pre-loaded maps app. Android will have google maps and iOs will have their native maps app. However, if you want to optimize the navigation functionality of your phone, we strongly recommend downloading Here maps or OsmAnd maps. Both these maps can be used offline.

Here Maps

Developer: http://www.here.com
Android Download Free: goo.gl/PW0919
iTunes Download: goo.gl/23eu4O

OsmAnd Maps

Developer: osmand.net
Android Download Lite: goo.gl/Z2pI6
Android Download Pro: goo.gl/o2TUL
iTunes Download: goo.gl/KKCxhW

Some other apps without which you shouldn’t step out of the house, are:

Flashlight! Because you have to have it.

Mirror. Because a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do.

Mobile Banking. Very useful for emergency pre-paid recharges, asking for money, etc.

Instagram. Especially now that it allows portrait and landscape photos as well.

So that’s it. That’s our list of must have apps. What do you think of it? And what are your must-have apps?

How to Get the Best Out of Your Sleeping Bag and Fleece Liner

Whether you’re a trekker, a camper, a biker or a traveler, you probably have a sleeping bag and a fleece liner in your arsenal of gear. But like any other gear in your kitty, you need to know everything about your sleeping bag and fleece liner, and also know how to use it in the best possible manner.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your sleeping bag and fleece liner.

1) Choose the Right Type of Sleeping Bag

Choose a bag with the right Comfort Rating based on the season/s you’ll use the bag in.

Sleeping Bag Use Bag Comfort Ratings
Summer/Indoor +20°C or higher
Monsoon/Spring / Autumn / Summer High Altitude +10°C to +20°C
Winter Camping 0°C to +10°C
Extreme Winter / Winter High Altitude Lower than 0°C

2) Choose the Right Shape to Fit Your Body Shape
Sleeping Bags come in 3 basic shapes: Oval, Rectangular and Mummy. Choose the right shape to fit your body shape.

3) Use a Sleeping Mat

Sleeping Bags are soft but don’t have padding against uneven ground and protection from cold, wet ground. Sleeping mats will make you super comfortable and block the ground cold.

4) Wind Protection

Choose a safe spot secluded from wind like a cave, a shelter or a tent.

5) Hydration

A sleeping bag does not produce any heat of its own. It works by trapping your body heat, and a dehydrated body does not produce enough heat. Keep your body hydrated throughout the day, to help you keep warm at night.

6) Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol may temporarily make you feel warmer, but will definitely make your body temperature drop soon. Avoid it and save it for the celebration when you return home.

7) Cover Your Head

Your head is the only part of your body that the sleeping bag doesn’t cover. Use a fleece balaclava or a monkey cap to keep your head warm and avoid your body heat escaping through your head.

8) Functional Fleece Liners

Fleece liners are a blessing in disguise. Use them to help increase the warmth inside the sleeping bag.

Pro tip: Carry thin, warm fleece liners with you. This way not only can you use them at night in the sleeping bag, but any time you feel cold.

So here are some tips to help you get to know your sleeping bag and fleece liners better. If you have any other tips or would like to share your experience, do leave a comment!

Take a look at our range of sleeping bags, carry mats and fleece liners here.


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9 Ways to Use Cable Ties When Travelling

Cable ties are ridiculously cheap and multifunctional. And when used with a bit of ingenuity and creativity, they can become a traveler’s best friend.

Here’s our list of how you can put the mighty cable tie to use.

  • DIY Zipper Pulls

If you lose or break the stock pull on your zipper, put a cable tie through it, make a small loop and cut off the rest. This will allow you to use the zipper until you get it fixed. Make sure the cable tie loop you make is just big enough to put your thumb through to make it easier to operate the zipper.

  • Organise Your Stuff

We know you carry a truckload of different cables with you when travelling. Cameras, phones, GoPro, GPS, laptops – most of us don’t #GetOut without at least a few of these electronics. But keeping all the charger and data cables organized when travelling is a real problem. Wind up the cables and use cable ties to cinch them. That way, they wont come apart. You can even use different coloured cable ties to colour code your cables.

  • Emergency Shoe Laces

Make temporary shoes laces using cable ties if you have had to use your laces for cordage in a situation. Slip a small tie though several of your boot eyelets and secure.

Caution: Once drawn tight zip ties have to be cut off so make sure you have the tools such as a knife or wire cutters available when you need to take your shoes off. Some of the larger ties that are quality made will take some effort to cut away.

  • Hand Cuff Restraints

An obvious use of course is for hand restraints. We’re not saying you’ll have need of restraints, we hope not, be we think you should know how to, just in case. In certain situations, you may need to restrain someone and cable ties are ideal “handcuffs”. However, the cheap ties can be manipulated and a person can break free. So once again, quality products pay off in the end.

Quick tip: Here’s how to escape from cable tie restraints, if ever you find yourself in them. goo.gl/hNfj9D

  • Versatile Camera Mounts

Cable ties can provide a simple and compact camera mounting solution for your action cameras. Find a favourable spot to mount the camera, loop a cable through the mount and the spot and cinch it tight. Just cut it free when you’re done.

  • Makeshift Snow Chain

If you’re trying to get around on a bicycle in the winter studded tires are a great investment, but if you’re going to be riding in the snow just this once, you can make a set of tire “chains” using a few dozen heavy duty cable ties. The ties themselves dig into the snow nicely but are not thick enough to make the bike bounce. Caution: Make sure that if your bike has fenders that the zip tie heads are low enough to not cause clearance issues and also make sure that you don’t try this if your bike has rim brakes; the zip ties will get in the way of the brake pads.

  • Cycle or Motorcycle Lock

If you have to park your cycle or motorcycle unattended for a short while, this is a great hack. Pull back the front brake and hold it tight. Use a heavy duty cable tie and loop it around the brake and the handlebar as tight as you can and cinch it. We recommend using a black coloured cable tie to make it blend in.

  • First Aid and Splint

Use cable ties to lash splints to a limb hat has a broken bone or to any limb that needs to be immobilized. Leave loose for the first few hours to account for swelling of the limb. Using cable ties as tourniquets  is not recommended and it may do more harm than good in some cases. The ties would be too restrictive, and would cut into the muscle and flesh, and once tightened they would need to be cut off with a knife or wire cutters and this would be difficult if not impossible to do so without creating damage to the limb.

  • Temporary Locks for Zippered Luggage

Use cable ties to secure bags, back packs and other luggage with zippers. Unless someone is clever enough to replace your cable tie with the exact one you used, you can tell if someone has been into your locked compartment or even bag of supplies because the only way to remove a cable tie is to cut it.

So here it is then. These are basic ideas. From here on, the sky, and your imagination, is the limit!

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6 Motorcycle Movies to WatchBefore Hitting Ladakh

6 Motorcycle Movies to Watch Before Hitting Ladakh

The Ladakh motorcycling season is starting, and we know you guys are scrambling to buy the right gear, the best accessories and the most fun gadgets. The bikes are getting ready. In our stores, there’s this happy buzz, and we watch as total strangers bond over their planned Ladakh routes, halts and ride dates. We have customers who linger, wanting to discuss their rides to get everything pitch perfect, and we have others who know exactly what they want – so they take all of 2 minutes buying it.

To help you prepare mentally and remind you how awesome the ride is going to be, before you hit the Ladakh trails this year, here’s a list of ‘Must Watch’ movies. The Ladakh circuits are often about the mind, not just the physical aspects of the ride, so here’s to some inspiration, and some pretty amazing footage and shots that will give you glimpse of what you’re about to face. This is an arbitrarily compiled list, in no particular order, so feel free to pick and choose your way through them! Not all the films in this list are about Ladakh. We have included those moto movies here that have inspired us to ride. So go get some popcorn and start!


Our list naturally starts with this. Directed and shot by fellow rider Gaurav Jani, the movie is an incredible documentary that features Gaurav’s ride from Mumbai to the Changthang Pass in Ladakh. Jani astonishes you because he is a one-man film crew. He directs, shoots and stars in the documentary in some of the remotest locations and toughest trails in the world. There can be no better testament to his organizational skills as well riding skills, and watching this is definitely a great way to get introduced to the terrain, trails and culture of Ladakh. We guarantee that you will want to start out immediately!


An oldie but a goldie, this movie about Che Guvera’s journey of self-discovery resonates with most long-distance riders. What makes the film unique isn’t really the biking action, but the level of insight and empathy Che shows for local cultures and people. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s definitely time you did.


This documentary series starring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman follows their two iconic rides. In LONG WAY ROUND (2004) they move through Eastern Europe, Siberia and Alaska before ending up in New York, and in LONG WAY DOWN (2007), they traverse the longitudes from Scotland to the Cape of Good Hope. The two sets of series documents not just the journey and the countries they travel through, but also the relationship between Ewan and Charley – their dependence on each other, their closeness and affection, and yes, their agonies and irritations as well.

Long Way Round

Long Way Down


Yes, a slightly surprising entry in this list, Neelakasam is definitely worth a watch. The movie revolves around a ride from Kerala to Nagaland, undertaken by two friends. Despite the ‘filmy’ plot (they are travelling to Nagaland so the protagonist can be reunited with the love of his life), the movie is shot very well and anyone who has ridden a bike in India will probably relate. From getting assaulted to break-downs, from some stunning coastal vistas to Tawang in Arunachal, the movie takes you through a large cross-section of Indian riding conditions- both positive and negative. If you can lay your hands on a version with sub-titles, give this movie a shot.


A classic. Why we ride tries to answer the age-old question. None of us riders may yet know why we do what we do, but this documentary is sure to spark some thoughts.


Inspired by Alex Chacon’s GoPro travels through the Pan American Trail, GoPro Production Artists James Kirkham and Zak Shelhamer join Alex in India on a journey from Jaipur to the highest road in the world, Khardung La.

So here it is then. Our list of 6 moto movies that you simply must watch, starting today! Other movies that should, but didn’t make this list for various reasons – On Any Sunday (possibly the most important motorcycling movie ever made), Worlds Fastest Indian (a tear jerker and just a damn good film), One Week (an interesting Canadian film which nonetheless, has a few glitches).

We know there are plenty more out there, have we missed out on any film you love? Help us make this list more definitive, share the motorcycle movies you love with us in the comments. And yes, be safe out there…

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Pantheon PharmChem launches India’s first Instant and Portable Heat Pouch ‘Warmee’ – Anytime, Anywhere!

As winter approaches, people load themselves with Cardigans, Sweaters and build every other mechanism to keep them warm. In order to dispense this load off, Pantheon PharmChem launches for the very first time in India ‘Warmee’ an innovative handy Self heating Pouch which shall keep your winter chills at bay!It is a pocket friendly pouch that keeps the user extremely warm and comfortable.


Making it affordable for every household, the Warmee Handy Self Heating Pouch is priced reasonably at Rs 30 for the smaller pack and Rs 50 for the regular pack. This pouch works as an inexpensive method to stay away from the cold.

It is designed in a fashion making the pouch easy to carry, whereas due to the compact packaging; all that the user has to do is slide Warmee into the pockets of his jeans or jacket.


Ingeniously crafted, Warmee produces instant heat without the usage of any external heating, electricity or even warm water. The heat pouch has been designed in a way to emit heat up to55 degree Celsius, all that the pack requires for the user to do is to tear open its packaging, shake it for 15 seconds to activate its warmth and then simply place it in the enclosed regions within one’s clothing such as jacket, pockets and socks.The user feels the warmth being generated in less than 15 minutes which helps keep them warm and cozy for straight 8 hours that aids in undertaking any activity like jogging, working or even while sleeping.The technique being that the warmth within one’s body will work its way from one region to another, thereby keeping one cozy and comfortable even in the face of severe cold weather.

Warmee is extremely environment friendly as it is createdusingnon-toxic and non-combustible ingredients such as vermiculite iron, water and activated carbon; the vermiculite distributes heat evenly through the pack to keep the user warm and cozy. The pouch activates and releases heat, when exposed to air.


Commenting on the launch, Mr. HirenVora, Director, Pantheon, says, “We are pleased to launch Warmee, which is a first-of-its-kind product in the country. This product was conceptualized keeping in mind the chilly winters, especially in the Central and Northern region of India. Rather than investing on different winter utility products which restrict users in some way or the other, Warmee helps to maintain warmth through its heating procedure. It is safe due to the one time use factor which is also easily disposable, coupled with easy portability feature aids in the individual’s high dynamic lifestyle, this winter!”

The revolutionary Warmee Handy Self Heating pouch is a path breaking utility article, this winter which has been designed exclusively in a manner that appeals every kind of age group, and can be carried anywhere, anytime.

WARMEE is available with http://www.OutdoorTravelGear online and in all our stores at.

Head online or to any one of our stores at Mumbai, Thane, Goa and Guwhati to get a first hand experience of WARMEE.

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Outdoor Travel Gear Rides to Motorcycle Travellers Meet

Sagar Haria from Outdoor Travel Gear and Aditya Phadke from “motonomous & co.” talk about their experience of Motorcycle Travellers Meet – India and the MiniMTM happening at Mumbai on 22 June, 2014.

You can register for Mumbai MTM at: https://getfbpay.in/mini-mtm-mumbai




Speakers at Mumbai MTM:

1) Steph Jeavons: She is riding around the world solo on her Honda CRF 250

2) Avinash Thadani: He rode through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina on his KTM 640

3) Jay Kannaiyan: He rode from the Americas to India on his Suzuki DR650

4) Kedarnath Gm: He rode around Europe for 4 months on his RE Thunderbird 350

5) Deepak Thimmoji: He rode around India for 47 days, covering 12000 km and 19 states

6) Vir Nakai: He’s one of the 2 faces behind Helmet Stories, and is more likely to be found riding somewhere in the Himalayas, than in his home in Mumbai