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Beat the Heat this Summer with OTG Products

Hot Summer Gear from Outdoor Travel Gear!

Summer has rolled in, and while a blistering day isn’t the most conducive to adventure activities, it certainly isn’t going to stop us from stepping out, is it? The joys of a clear sky, great light for photography and fresh breezes make up for any trifling discomfort of high temperatures. Still, it’s better to go out there prepared. So this summer, don’t just invest in sunscreen, check out these great products from OTG that’ll help you beat the heat!

Hydration Bladders, Packs and Bottles

These hydration bladders are the best way tote around water when you’re outdoors. Buy the bladders and use them in regular backpacks, or buy them with the packs made especially for that purpose – you can’t go wrong!

Camelbak Antidote Reservoir

Available in both 2L and 3L sizes, carry this amazing hydration pack on all your adventure activities. What’s great about Camelback’s Antidote Reservoir is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s functional too, the snap lock makes it leak-proof and the access port is large enough to put your hand in, so cleaning it becomes a breeze.

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Camelbak Hydration Packs

Our range of Camelbak Hydration Packs is just the right thing to combat the heat. The hydration packs are a great combination of size and weight, making them the ultimate backpack for a range of physical and adventure activities.

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Camelbak Podium Big Chill Water Bottle

This 750ml bottle has a special Closed Cell Foam Technology within a double walled construction that keeps your water cooled for longer – twice as long as a standard bottle. Its ergonomic design allows you to grip and squeeze easily, and even better, it’s spill-proof with Camelbak’s patented Jet-Valve technology.
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CAMELBAK Arc 2™ is double barreled hydration on the run. The Arc 2™ runner’s belt comes with two 10 oz Podium Arc bottles held securely by the bottle cages attached to the belt. The Podium Arc bottles feature Camelbak’s patented Jet Valve™ technology for hydration on demand, with a simple squeeze!
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Everyday Wear and Clothing

Looking for something that you can wash and wear whenever you step out in the summer? Here is a great collection of tees and pants that will keep you cool and protected through the summer – no matter what the activity.

QUIPCO Ranger Camouflage Trek Pants

The Ranger Camouflage Trek pants are one of a kind. Cotton based, with an elastic waist, they’re purpose made for trekking, hiking, riding or other adventure activities.

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CRAGHOPPERS Nosilife Cargo Trousers

These cargo pants come with permanent insect repellant, as well as NosiLife’s Solar UV Shield, making it the perfect partner on those long treks and rides. They’re available in different sizes as well.

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CRAGHOPPERS Bear Grylls Core Trousers – Men

These men’s trousers are sleek and built for activity. With a multitude of pockets, and adjustable hems, these ultra-lightweight trousers are great for those long treks and hikes. They’re also equally sun and rain repellent – adding to your comfort on the trail.

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CRAGHOPPERS Bear Grylls Trek Long Sleeve Shirt

This tough, long sleeved shirt has a vented back, is sun-protective and comes with stretch panels for perfect trekking comfort.

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KNOX DRY INSIDE – Comfort Fit, Short Sleeve Tee

The Knox base layer tee comes in a comfortable loose fit, and the material is specially designed to wick away sweat from the skin. The short sleeved design is perfect for summer, and the product even promises to keep away odour through its anti-bacterial properties.
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HORIZON Coolmax Hiker Technical Socks

The Horizon Coolmax Hiker Technical Socks series is a must for the warm weather. These not only wick away sweat, but also have built-in ventilation channels that keep your feet cool and comfortable. What’s more, these are soft and have fine seams that prevent blisters from occurring. Designed for hiking and trekking, the socks come with soft grip sections that don’t allow your feet to move within your footwear.

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Caps and Hats

Who doesn’t need a hat or a cap in summer? However, this year, invest in a technical hat or cap that has been specially designed to beat the summer heat and keep your head and neck warm.

QUIPCO Explorer Anti UV Explorer Cap

The explorer cap is perfect for summer. Made from a quick drying, wicking material, it has UPF 50 Anti UV protection across the top, front and on the back flap. What’s extra-cool about the hat is its removable back flap, which converts it into a regular peaked cap for those days when you want the breeze to reach your neck!
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QUIPCO Commuter Anti UV Hat

Looking for a more safari like experience? Try the QuipCo Commuter Anti UV Hat. Soft, comfortable and lightweight, it comes with a wide brim to protect your face from the sun and your eyes from the glare. It also has UV protection over the top, front and back.

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CRAGHOPPERS Nosilife Ultimate Hat

The ultimate hot weather hat, this hat comes with a wide brim, and an all-round face mesh that protects you from roving insects and mosquitoes. The mesh means that this hat’s ventilation is unmatched, and it even has a permanent insect-repellent built in. What’s more, it is lightweight, foldable and easy to pack away.

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CRAGHOPPERS Nosilife Desert Hat

A true adventure hat, this product comes with a UV protection SolarShield technology and permanent insect repellent technology. In addition to the flap that keeps your neck cool, it is lightweight, the peak is foldable and it has a cooling inner headband for those hot, hot days!

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Camping & Outdoors

Summer is a great time to take off on a camping adventure with friends and family. Escape the heat of the city; pitch your tent by the side of a river or on top of a mountain. Enjoy the cool breeze and share stories while the stars come out. But don’t forget to carry these camping staples along.

TRIMM Summer Sleeping Bag

This trim and slim sleeping bag is best used at temperatures above 11°C. What makes it an invaluable camping companion is its volume to weight ratio. It’s great for hiking, trekking and generally for just carrying around!


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MOS-QUIT-O  – The repellent blanket

A real find for all those late evening sunsets at a campsite, this mosquito repellent blanket actually comes in 2 sizes! The W.H.O (World Health Organization) standard mosquito repellent property of this blanket makes it an easier, more hygienic, and more environment friendly solution than any cream or spray in the market today. The easy to carry case is also a big plus.
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MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

This solar lantern beats all the others in that it is inflatable! When deflated, it locks down to a slim profile, making it very easy to carry on a trip.
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ET Stone Solar Charger, Lantern & Torch

Originally a solar power bank, this device puts solar power to good use through the smart integration of a powerful torch and solar lamp. It also comes with standard charging options – great for that overnight camping trip!


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Multi-function Tubes and Headwear

These great pieces of versatile head and neckwear keep out the heat and dust very well, making it perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities.

QUIPCO Dune Tubes –

Versatile, lightweight and helmet friendly, the technical Dune tubes are perfect for outdoor activities in the summer. These are available in different styles and colours as well.

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WIND X-TREME Mint Wind Multifunction Headwear

This unique headwear makes life so much better! It releases an aroma of mint, reducing the harsh odours of high summer and pollution.

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Motorcycling Apparel

Motorcycling Apparel protects a rider from the elements. It provides protection from impact and abrasion and keeps the rider safe. An explosive rise in the popularity of motorcycling as a sport in India has meant that a lot of thought is being put to make gear that makes riding in hot and humid Indian conditions as bearable as possible, without compromising on the safety and utilitarian features of the gear.

Mesh Riding Jackets:
Jackets meant for summer are typically made from purpose made mesh fabric, or a mix or poly textile and mesh. These jackets typically include heavy padding on the elbow, spine, and shoulder regions. Ventilation for the torso and protection for the impact areas are the key features of summer riding jackets.

The Rynox Air GT comes with Heavy Duty European Standard F2 Mesh with Polyester Frame for strength and durability with two separate detachable liners – Rain Liner and Thermal Liner.

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RYNOX Asphalt: Rynox Asphalt jacket is a dual season mesh protective riding jacket and also comes with Detachable Rain Climate Liner.

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RYNOX Tornado Pro:
Tornado Pro is everything that seasoned riders wants in their summer riding jacket. It comes with KNOX® Protectors and DuPont Cordura® reinforcement at impact zones that provide a rider with un-compromised protection.
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CRAMSTER Breezer 4S: The Cramster Breezer 4S is an all weather riding jacket – designed for all 4 seasons. This jacket comes with Heavy Duty Aramid TechMesh.

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CRAMSTER Breezer – Lady:
Breezer-Lady is redesigned to fit women, with all the features of the original men’s version retained. It is a true all weather 3-in-1 mesh riding jacket with dual detachable multi climate liners, consistent comfort and safety in any climate, specially summer.

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Motorcycle Riding Gloves
Similar to summer riding jacket, summer gloves are typically made of mesh with a combination of poly textile and / or leather. Knuckle and finger protection and palm protection from abrasion are the key features.

CRAMSTER Twister Gloves
Twister Gloves  are general purpose gloves suitable for all forms of casual riding. These gloves also have full genuine leather semi gauntlet to cover the jacket cuff. The gloves are long lasting and comfortable.

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RYNOX Rampage Pro:
The Rynox Rampage Pro gloves are meant for daily use. They’re made from a combination of leather and textile. These gloves come with TPU knuckle protector with memory foam insertion with ample air ventilation at fingers and knuckles.

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RYNOX Shield Pro:
A perfect blend of protection and ventilation are the Rynox Shield Pro gloves. The gloves have a leather shell construction with mesh inserts designed to provide optimum air ventilation.

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KNOX Hand Armour Oren (OR 1) Off Road MTB Gloves – 2014:
The Knox Oren Off Road Gloves are MTB gloves. They allow natural heat of the body to escape through the fabric. The gloves flex with the natural movement of the hand and do not restrict body movement.

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Motorcycle Under Shirts and Shorts

Motorcycle under-armour is worn under the outer clothing of the rider, immediately next to the skin. The under-armour is typically made from thin heavily breathable mesh, and is elasticated to flex with body movements.

KNOX Defender Shirt – 2014
KNOX Defender Shirt – 2014 is an adventure shirt with a focus on fit and performance. It’s fitted with Knox Extreme Impact Armour for the upper body.

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KNOX Urbane Shirt – 2014:
Designed and manufactured in Britain by Knox, the Urbane Shirt offers comprehensive upper body protection with a classic look. It has amazing ventilation and is perfect for touring in hot climates.

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KNOX Venture Shirt – 2014:
The Knox Venture Shirt is designed so you can wear whatever outer clothing you choose knowing you are protected underneath. It’s a perfect solution to uncomfortable bulky armour in standard motorbike gear. This versatile garment will appeal to commuters.

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KNOX Venture Trooper Top – 2014:
The armour in the Knox Armour Trooper Top is low profile and so comfortable that you can hardly notice it. This under shirt is a technical short sleeve top with the added benefit of impact protection. It is part of the Award Winning bike clothing collection of Knox.

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KNOX Defender Shorts – 2014:
KNOX Defender Shorts are suitable for all types of action sports. These are high performance shorts with fully articulating hip, thigh and coccyx protection. These are designed and manufactured in Britain by Knox, and made from breathable British knitted Meryl Lycra, a superior fabric chosen for its wicking and fast drying properties.

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KNOX Trooper Shorts – 2014: KNOX Trooper Shorts – 2014 allows the body’s natural heat to escape through the fabric. These flex in 2 or more directions and do not restrict body movement.

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KNOX Guerilla Shorts – 2014:
KNOX Guerilla Shorts – 2014 allows the body’s natural heat to escape through the fabric. These have soft waist elastic for a comfortable secure fit.
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Motorcycle Riding Pants
Wearing the right motorcycle gear is essential for a smooth and comfortable ride. Whether a person is a sports enthusiast or a motorcycle commuter, owning quality motorcycle clothing items can make any ride safer and more enjoyable. That’s where motorcycle summer riding pants come in. Purpose built for riding in summer, they’re highly ventilated and duly armoured.

RYNOX Advento Motorcycle Riding Pants:
Rynox Advento Pant is the flagship pant with some exclusive features which make it perfect for all terrains. The pant comes with patented AERO-FLIP mechanism which gives the level of ventilation never seen before. It also allows you to adjust the KNOX leg armor as per your height, comfort and riding posture.
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MOTOTECH Storm Balaclava

This free-size face mask makes riding a breeze in the summer. Its soft cotton material is hard-wearing, washable and completely breathable, making it your best bet for under-the-helmet conditions.

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So go out there and get sunburned, with the assurance that OTG has your back!
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Base Layers and Why You Need Them

Base layers are basically the first (next-to-skin) layer of performance based apparel layering system, the primary role of which is temperature regulation and sweat management.

Very simply put, base layers are those t-shirts that we see cricketers, cyclists, adventure sports enthusiasts and swimmers wearing. And here we see why even you should start wearing one.

It all started off half a century ago, when wool dominated as the primary choice of fabric for base layers. With the advancement in technology wool has become second priority, and has given way to the invention of synthetic base layers. These are far more comfortable and advanced.

Our human body, in spite of being waterproof, fails to possess other qualities like moisture wicking, temperature regulation or muscle compression in extreme conditions. All these drawbacks are fulfilled with the help of a simple coat- the base layer.

A base layer is an undergarment worn by individuals/athletes as the first layer of cover over their skin. They rely on the basic fundamentals of temperature and moisture control, which are closely interrelated. Base layers also reduce odor and provide muscle compression. They are often made of synthetic material like spandex, polypropylene, wool, nylon, bamboo or a mix. Base layers are also available in cotton but today’s generation prefers synthetic.

Benefits of Base Layers:

  • Regulates Temperature
  • Compresses target muscles
  • Moisture wicking
  • Reduce muscle strain and fatigue
  • Reduces odor

Base layers are worn worldwide by athletes in the fields of cricket, cycling, skiing, walking, football, mountain climbing, trekking and many more. If you’re thinking they can only be worn in certain weather conditions then you are flawed. Base layers can be worn in summers, winters, during training rides, races; basically they are fit for any type and duration of athletic activity. They are made for every occasion providing luxury where the human body fails to sustain.

It’s important to decide your color wisely as some of them can drain their color and make you feel hot. Base layers are thinner and delicate and hence tumble dry would be a harsh choice. It is recommended to use soap water and softener as they do not cause harm. Base layers have unquestionably boosted the world of sports providing enhanced performance, lighter weight and odour reduction.

How to choose a base layer:

One should buy a base layer according to one’s needs. Ask yourself…

Why do you need a base layer?

What kind of activity will you be involved in?

If you are game for a fast and sweaty activity, it is advisable to opt for synthetic. If you will be engaged in activities like trekking or mountain climbing natural material, like cotton, will be preferred.

Other questions to ask:

i.            Should I go for a vented or a zipped base layer?

ii.            How quickly do I need it to dry?

iii.            Does it reduce odour?

The questions may vary according to your needs

Why base layers make sense for any sport?

Base layers are specially crafted to the extent where their performance is above and beyond that of normal clothes.

Instead of wearing several layers to protect yourself from cold, a base layer works best along with other garments.

Base layers can’t stop you from sweating, but with a base layer the sweat can be absorbed and evaporated faster, increasing your comfort level. Some base layers are made with antibacterial technology that helps to reduce the odor.

Tight fitting base layers provide your muscles with compression, temperature control and also reduce fatigue, which no outfit would provide. Due to the above qualities base layers can be worn as an undergarment in any sport.

What makes Knox dry inside special from other brands?

I.      Knox dry inside is available in short as well as long sleeves

II.      It is cheaper and far better than other brands

III.      Looks good and last longer

IV.      Odor resistant and antibacterial

V.      Distributes perspiration over a larger area when exported outside offering a cooling effect.

VI.      Provides adequate ventilation and ensures wear-comfort which you can see and feel.

VII.      Machine washable.

VIII.      Helps maintain stable temperature weather it’s sweltering or chilly outside.

IX.      Advanced Moisture Management System

X.      Enables the skin to breathe

XI.      Technical Layering System

XII.      Cotton eliminates skin burns

XIII.      3XDRY® feelgood-technology lets your body breathe and feel dry-all-round

Read more about Knox Dry Inside on their official website at

Knox Dry Inside is available at our stores Mumbai, Goa and Guwahati and online at at

Knox Cross Max Bionic Knee Guards- A Review

Detailed. If there is one word that can best describe the Cross Max Bionic Knee Guards from the house of Knox Armour, then that word is ‘detailed’.

Whether it is the neatly articulated knee joint, the placement of the Velcro straps, the individually moulded shin section for the right and the left leg, or the shaping and placement of the sweat wicking towelling; everything is done with the utmost attention to detail and application.

The Knox Cross Max is a full length CE approved knee and shin protector, designed for motorcyclists and cyclists both; and professional athletes, from enduro rally riders (motorcycle) to MTB mountain bikers (cycle) have field tested them.

For the uninitiated reader, Knox is a British brand established in 1981. It was Knox who made the world’s first commercially available armoured back protector, and it is Knox who leads the innovation in motorcycle armour even today. So it can be safely assumed that they know what they are talking about.

Knox has recently launched a new website to fit the company ethos of technical innovation. This new facility consolidates the group’s brands – Knox Body Armour, Hand Armour, Cold Killers, Dry Inside and Knox Original Equipment – in one modern site, Go visit.

Before going any further, let’s delve a little into the meaning of the word ‘bionic’. That’s the key word here and basically what differentiates the Knox Cross Max from other knee guards.

‘Bionics’ is the study of mechanical systems that function like living organisms or by becoming integral parts of living organisms.

So what does the term ‘Bionic Knee Guards’ or ‘Bionic Armour’ mean? In this context, the word Bionic relates to that type of armour which is built to move and shift naturally along with the body part on which it is worn.

The Knox Cross Max Knee Guards do not hamper the movement of the knee or the leg in any way. In fact you can even sit down cross legged on the ground wearing them. The knee guards are designed with the intention that you should not be conscious of them after putting them on, but rather forget about them and concentrate on your sport, with the knowledge that the Knox Cross Max, with their “Original British Innovation” will protect you from impact and abrasion if the time comes.

The most important feature for a bionic knee guard is the knee joint. This is where the two individual parts of the knee guard come together and the way that this coupling is taken care of is basically what decides whether the knee guard is truly bionic or not.

On the Knox Cross Max, the knee joint is done beautifully. The joint is articulated in such a way that natural leg movement is not hampered even during rigorous activity.

Standing up, when they are not bent, it can be noticed that Knox Cross Max forms an almost straight line along the front, with no sharp edges jutting out anywhere. This is a very important point. This means that in case of a crash Cross Max will not get stuck on anything that might come in the way.

When you hold a pair of Knox Cross Max in your hands, it instantly becomes apparent which one’s for the left leg and which one’s for the right. That’s because the shin protector on the Cross Max is individually moulded for the right and left leg giving a more comfortable and secure fit. The shin protector on the Cross Max is longer than on other knee guards, giving the rider better protection.

The Knox Cross Max is designed so that it can be worn either internally, directly touching the skin; or externally, over the rider’s pants. If you are going to be wearing them under the pants, make sure the pants are at least a little baggy. Flex your knees and waist in all possible directions after wearing the pants over the guards and before stepping out, to make sure that it doesn’t get unnecessarily tight and uncomfortable.

The Knox Cross Max is secured with the help of three well placed and elasticated Velcro straps. The Velcro straps have soft sweat wicking material on the side where they come in contact with the skin, making sure that when the Cross Max is worn internally, the straps don’t start chafing against the skin.

However (and this probably the only negative point on the Knox Cross Max), the uppermost Velcro strap could probably have been a bit longer, to avoid it from curling up and getting stuck in the bottom of your cycling shorts or the material of your riding pants. If not that, there could have been a ‘tuck-away’ feature for the end of the Velcro strap, to secure it properly. This is just a very small point though and pales in comparison to the overall supremacy of the Knox Cross Max in other aspects.

A very important part of impact protection is ‘impact absorption’. If the force of the impact continues to travel from the outer shell of the armour to the knee of the rider, the armour won’t be of much use to anyone. As such, on the Knox Cross Max, there is a layer in between the outer shell armour and the inner sweat wicking liner that absorbs the impact. The raised rib section flexes as pressure is added, distributing energy. Behind the outer shell is a layer of dense foam to act as a further shock absorber.

The inner layer of the Knox Cross Max is ribbed to aid air flow. The material of the soft towelling liner, as Knox calls it, is sweat wicking. Additionally, there are 3 ventilators each, on either flanks of the Cross Max. These three features together make sure that the rider doesn’t over heat and become irritable from all the sweat under the guards.

Overall, the Knox Cross Max Bionic Knee Guards are truly versatile and make sense for a wide variety of application environments, from the hardcore enduro rider to the daily city commuter.

For more details, visit the Knox Cross Max page on

The ’Cross’ range of the Knox knee guards also comes with 2 more variants, the Knox Cross Lite Knee Guards – MTB and Knox Cross Knee Guards also available with Outdoor Travel Gear.

If you have used a Knox product, we’d love to know your experience in the comments below.

You can also use the comments section for any questions regarding Knox and we will get back to you.

And yes, keep yourself safe out there.